African Themed Wedding Decor

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African themed wedding decor is a brilliant idea if you want to incorporate your roots in the ceremony or if you love Africa and want to bring bits of it to your ceremony.  To incorporate Africa into your wedding decor you want to consider culture, sculptures, fabric, texture and more.  Include such things as calabashes, guards, jewellery, vases and dried flowers.

The hall or tent you use needs to be draped in various African fabrics.  Use Maasai red, kitenge, kanga or kikoy fabric.  You can use the drapery on your chairs and tables, on the walkways, stage area and more.  The centre pieces you select can reflect African culture and can include baobab tree sculptures made from banana leaves, wire figurines, calabashes, sculptures made from soapstone or pots.  African colors tend to be either bright or earth colors.  Incorporate these as well as various African prints.

Flowers, especially dried flowers, are a great addition to African themed wedding decor.  Put them in a vase and wrap the vase in African print fabric to create centerpieces for your tables.  Get the dried flowers in the colors that best reflect Africa or those within your wedding color scheme.  Sculptures will add flair and drama to your African themed wedding decor.  You can go for wood, stone or metal sculptures and these can be of animals, people or things.  African masks are a great idea as well.

African themed wedding decor is a great idea that gives vast creative possibilities.  Have fun creating your dream African Wedding!

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